41 definitions by Rachael

hit with the ugly branch aswell as being as annoying as a three year old on a sugar rush,
general greeting as in "hey shit features"
by Rachael April 25, 2004
A good response when you're fully engrossed in other things or cant be bothered to reply. I use it all the time!!!
Person 1:Are you listening to me????
Person 2:(pause)...yahaha.....
by Rachael February 27, 2005
the act of being beyond disturbed. Something so amazingly odd, there are no other words to describe it.
Wow, after katie did that, I was in defirmity.
by Rachael June 08, 2004
along the lines of extremely or utterly, but with a rockin euro-twist, thus increasing the intensity ever so slightly
I met this guy, and his body was uberously delicious to look at.
by rachael June 30, 2004
Almost the same as the word nippin. Basically, a more extreme form of nippin.
"Man, it's freezing out. I'm frippin real bad right now"
by Rachael February 28, 2005
staring at a girls body or booty
I saw him eye pimping on da booty all night!
by Rachael February 23, 2005
fit and talented!
harry judd-mcfly!
by rachael February 09, 2004
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