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41 definitions by Rachael

hit with the ugly branch aswell as being as annoying as a three year old on a sugar rush,
general greeting as in "hey shit features"
by Rachael April 25, 2004
A good response when you're fully engrossed in other things or cant be bothered to reply. I use it all the time!!!
Person 1:Are you listening to me????
Person 2:(pause)...yahaha.....
by Rachael February 27, 2005
When a woman shaves her pubic hair in the shape of Hitler's mustache.
Jake: So, I was def going down on Ashley and she was sportin the Hitler!
Mike: Did you end up invading that shit?
by Rachael June 25, 2009
the act of being beyond disturbed. Something so amazingly odd, there are no other words to describe it.
Wow, after katie did that, I was in defirmity.
by Rachael June 08, 2004
along the lines of extremely or utterly, but with a rockin euro-twist, thus increasing the intensity ever so slightly
I met this guy, and his body was uberously delicious to look at.
by rachael June 30, 2004
Almost the same as the word nippin. Basically, a more extreme form of nippin.
"Man, it's freezing out. I'm frippin real bad right now"
by Rachael February 28, 2005
staring at a girls body or booty
I saw him eye pimping on da booty all night!
by Rachael February 23, 2005