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3 definitions by RabbiRob

(japanese, Buddist) Honorific given by the Emporer.

Lit. "Silent Master"
Kobo Daishi founded the Shingon monestary, Dengyo Daishi founded the Tendai Monestary.
by RabbiRob July 02, 2006
49 16
When being compared to a box of rocks would be an insult to rocks everywhere.

When being compared to retards would be an insult to retards everywhere.
Dude, you are dumber than a box of retarded rocks.
by RabbiRob July 02, 2006
20 7
A condition caused by any activity that results in a mans underwear becoming wet for a sustained period, resulting in chafing, redness, and a yeast colony growing on the scrotum.

This results in painful burning and itching, with incessant pulling at the groin for relief.
Working in the sun all day gave me monkey crotch.
by RabbiRob July 02, 2006
22 12