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When someone with TB fucks a leper and they have children who could be admitted to a freak show.
"Sally had a tuberculousis freak show!"
#tuberculousis #freak show #leper #fuck #children
by RYANS FAT ASS by SA February 13, 2009
When there are so many penis'/cylindrical objects in the same Jewish woman's vagina at once that some of the strawberry looking gooey vaginal liquid spews out of her ass in a rectangular form. So, it looks like her ass is a toaster emitting a strawberry pop tart.
" Me,erick,joe,barry,fredrick,jeremy, a pink dildo, Noah, Carl and Harry all gave Sharon a Bangladesh Pop Tart last night."
#toaster #jewish #cyindrical #pop tart #gooey #vagina
by RYANS FAT ASS by SA February 13, 2009
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