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Any of the following parts constitute a Sstein Joke:

(a) coarse, grotesquely sexual, often of a homosexual nature.

(b) physical; i.e. a person showing their ass.

(c) very long

(d) extremely unfunny

(e) religious, personal, highly inappropriate.
What did he do? He just made a Sstein joke about two elder homosexuals engaging in acts of bestiality.
by RSI creator November 17, 2008
Royal Sstein Institute

A global organisation of corruption, oppression and persecution. RSI has universal power over planet Earth. Ruled by the Sstein, who follows the Yllasic cult of forced religion.

RSI is enshrined in a total of 1,287,922 laws.
The RSI is closing in.

I have an opinion, unless it clashed with the RSI.
by RSI creator November 17, 2008
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