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What everyoe is. You will never be "unbrainwashed". When you think you are doing something opposite and against the system you are brainwashed into believing that what you are doing is against it. So stop your bitching and get used to it.
"I what to spraypaint anarchy symbols on the wall 'cuz I hate the system."
"No you want to do it because yu brainwashed yourself into believing that. Retard."
by RPtheFP May 24, 2005
All of ou fuckig posers that buy the shit from Hot Topic (owned by Abercrombie) are not anarchists. Its not chaos but rather a way of life that people share there labor for other needs. So stop getting shit from that damn store and realize that anarchy will never be again. Ever. Get over it.
Person 1: Awesome, some shoe laces with the a. Im buying them.
Person 2: Fucking retard. Dont support this damn corporation. (Boots him in hte face and makes him bite the curb haha)
by RPtheFP May 24, 2005
What people hate but don't realize they cant live without it because people are stupid.
Now that authority is gone who will tell what to do?
by RPtheFP May 24, 2005
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