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Used as a noun referring to a womans titties or boobs.

also can be used as a warning to other males that a nice set of "blompers" is partialy/fully exposed.

or as a greeting to your friends
noun - "Dude, check the blompers out on her."

warning - your at a party and a hot chick sits next to you she drops her phone and bends over to pick it up, your buddy across the table gives a light blompers to alert all guys attention to the blomps

greeting - Friend - "Hey man"
"You" - "blompers"
by RP April 04, 2004
A person, usually male, that considers themselves to be hotter, smarter, and richer than the normal person. Also has a strong liking for Dodge Shadows. Has dating habits unknown to anyother person such as: Dating freshman, dating fat chicks, and dating large black men named Andre.
I'm Mondro, durrrr. I drive a sweet Shadow, durrrr. Hey there little 9th grader, wanna make a dollar?
by RP October 04, 2004
All the "popular" (but damn ugly) girls at my school.
RP: Dumb ignorant sluts
by RP November 17, 2004
A rapper who was supported by E! news live when he was beginning but now i'm not sure. Was also claimed dead by my sister and by a lot of people but really isn't.
1. Chingy has hit the charts with his new song "Right Thurr." We Love you Chingy!

2. RP: Hey you know Chingy is dead?
Me: Chingy ain't dead you stupid fool.
by RP July 07, 2004
I don't know shit about the next Xbox console but I will still own both Sony and Microsoft's next-gen console on account of:

Sony: Smackdown Series, the vast range of games.
Microsoft: The reliabilty of not freezing any of my games to this date.
Will Microsoft be the next-gen giant and break the mould Sony has made? Only time will tell.
by RP January 24, 2005
Blurted out really fast in sequence to annoy or to sound rastarfarian.
RP: That Sean Paul is giving me a headache.
by RP December 31, 2004
Just a Random Person.
Man1: Who are you?
RP: Random person
Man1: Cool
by RP November 17, 2004

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