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23 definitions by RP

to take, steal, borrow and not bring back
someone just shanghai-ed my bag of chips
by RP April 24, 2005
94 66
Hollie from Sylvania High.
She thought she could spam my email with porn by using my email to subscribe?! SDFI!
by RP January 31, 2005
73 52
One of the first Shakespearean (did I spell that right?) books I have read and found it quite good. I like how Shakespeare wrote Iago, his character is so intelligently evil you can't help but like him.
If people tease you about reading Othello, just ask them if they read Captain Underpants or how to spell Shakespeare. That will give you your answer.
by RP March 12, 2005
62 46
See my definition of Shit-Box (X-Box).
Make sure you read that definition until you jump to any conclusion that I am a antagonist.
by RP January 31, 2005
38 22
It's not television.
What? Well it isn't!
by RP October 11, 2004
26 14
The Durbango was owned at Ginos November 4th, 2004. Last know information was the transmission was either full of water or totally blown. So far, Probe and Riv have outlived it.
by RP November 05, 2004
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A make belive durango thought up by j. granger. the beast was financed dispite funds in access of $20,000 in a deer skin in his closet. plans for the cow catcher include 33 inch superswamper tires, a 3 inch lift kit, a huge brush guard. soon it will be dominated by either a probe or a hardcore riv. the car is enived by a certain mondro.
Dang, its gonna be here tommorow! OH NO, they had the wrong lift kit! Don't worry about it! oh, sweet 60 hours a week with bill.
by RP October 28, 2004
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