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to means 'lucky' in dialect.
He is so 'Heng'. He actually escaped death.
by ronald November 14, 2003
The excessive flap of skin under the arms. Usually found on fat school teachers.
"Man, when she writes on the board, she really flaps her Fat Wings."
by ronald June 03, 2004
Celulite on the thighs.
She wasn't bad, but did you see all her hail damage?
by ronald June 05, 2004
The act of having a diarrhea reaction, due to the ingestion of any of McDonalds restaraunt's choices of foods.
I ate a Big Mac for lunch and now i have the McShits.
by Ronald April 22, 2004
A girl that swallows semen
Damn!!!, that girl is a Skeezal
by Ronald November 17, 2004
when doing a girl from behind, after blowing your load... you yank her around and spit directly in her face.
Aaron gave Ashly the Llama Spit last night!
by ronald February 17, 2005
GSN is short for Gay Sex Now. derived from a common expression - "gay!" but with "sex" added to express the extreme feelings. "now" is to show the importance of how 'gay' it is currently.
"wtf gsn!"
friend 1: damn we gotta go back to school
friend 2: are you serious?
friend 1: yeah i am
friend 2: what the hell?! gay sex now!
by ronald March 31, 2005

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