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When you look like a greasy mixture of a nasty ol goose and the horridness of a turkey......usually also got sickle toes
Get your nasty ol, "goose turkey", pickle egg scented titties off my leg.
by RLOVE March 03, 2003
Simply means "getting stoned".
Taken from the "Best goalie in the world" (besides Jerzy Dudek from Liverpool 05' UEFA Champs)who plays for Juventes
Yo im so buffoned right now.

Tom (matt) is buffoned

Craig is buffoned

Tyler is Buffoned

Ross is Buffoned

Kenny is Buffoned

and Brian wants to be buffoned too.
by RLOVE June 21, 2005
The period of time right after you smoke and feel really high. Taken from the FIFA 2005 soundtrack, from the group Air.
"Yo if we smoke now, we should be surfing on a rocket by 10:30".

"Yo Ian's been surfing on a rocket the past 45 minutes"

Yo Ian what are u doing?....Just Surfing on a rocket
by RLOVE June 21, 2005
Same definition as "SWID".....plus 59.6% more idiotic and goofy. has a peanut sized head
Watchu lookin at crick jones?????
by RLOVE March 04, 2003
What crick's have in their eyes cuz they blind.
Shut up, yo daddy got cataraks!

You cant see cuz u got them greasy ol cataraks.....duck.
by RLOVE March 03, 2003
A phrase which in english means "Hello, how are you??"
Sup den Rims???How u gettin to lax practice?
by RLOVE March 03, 2003
When you lie on the ground and look like you retarded and fell out of a tree.
Look, aaron is bustin out the retarded bird!
by RLOVE March 03, 2003
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