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1 definition by RICHASFUCK

The poor man's luxury car. Reserved for the nasty,trashy and falsely pretentious middle class and lower, these cars are not very good. They symbolize Middle America's poor taste- obese girls with the same ugly Tiffany's choker, inferior Coach bag, hideous sunglasses, and some Starbucks product that has more calories than they need. Also represents arrogant, pigheaded Middle Class males who think they're the shit, but they've just grown up in it. Usually spiked hair, windows rolled down even when inappropriate. Considered the ultimate luxury for this trash, therefore transforming a formerly OK car brand to a substandard wannabe of elite automakers. LUXURY CARS ARE MADE FOR THE RICH. But BMW is for poor people who are posers.
"OMG look at that hot girl in the BMW!"
"Eh, she probably sucks dick for a living, and lives in a "Mcmansion" instead of a real estate. What a poor ass wannabe loser."
by RICHASFUCK April 03, 2007
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