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Image of a "shield" displaying the abbreviation STFU on it. Used on forums in order to prevent a flame war
1. I whipped out my mighty STFU Shield and was able to prevent a flame war
by RHS Student September 07, 2004
See the definition by 'Jack Wood.' (what I was going to write if I ever decided to define this guy)
I thought the same thing about Gavrilo Princip but nobody would believe me
by RHS Student July 04, 2004
My particular model of the STFU Shield. Incorporates the power of the Sword Strike Gundam with an STFU Shield.
The STFU Sword Strike is better than an STFU shield because (unlike the shield) it can defend and attack.
by RHS Student September 24, 2004
What George Bush offered John Kerry a cut of
. . . Need some wood? . . .
by RHS Student October 15, 2004
Where John Edwards's daddy worked in.
1. "My daddy worked in a mill! My daddy worked in a mill! My daddy worked in a mill!"
-John Edwards
by RHS Student September 07, 2004
The only candidate to think we attacked the Taliban in IRAQ
1. "And when the President does two things that I agree with - one of them attacking the Taliban in Iraq . . . then I'm going to say so"
-Wesley Clark during a Dem. Primary debate

2. I think Wesley Clark would make a great Joint Chiefs of Staff.
by RHS Student September 07, 2004
What a Democrat is if you speak Italian or Latin
Democrats are truly *sinister* politicians!
by RHS Student June 30, 2004

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