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Usually wears baggy clothing, and wants to be "gangsta", roams around in the suburb's usually seen in groups of 3 or 4 people.
Look at that guy over there, driving his moms civic "bumpin" some Lil Wayne..hes definitely a suburban G
by REDG2 December 26, 2008
Usually seen building computers or using a camera
Oh shit look there's Asian steve taking pictures.
by REDG2 February 04, 2014
Short for Best Night Ever. BNE can not be explained, it is more than acronym, BNE is a moment that will live in history.
Me and the boys had a BNE
-shit watchu do?
It started off with going to the strip joint, then my man Klinti met a slammin Sloot. She had some blow, so we went back to the crib and she brought her friends. King pin dougy came through with some more blow. Lil homie Kishan drawlin like an artist as usual, baby mando dead in the corner, and we don't remember the rest.
Dayum that's a BNE
by REDG2 October 31, 2014

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