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to do alot of any drug or to listen to the white rabbit and follow his ways
the white rabbit told me to feed my head, feed my head, feed my head!
by RAYP March 24, 2005
An extremely long penis found on some men, can be and almost always is 3 - 17 feet... in diameter, it is never found on asains because they have "2 INCH OF HARD DIEK!!!!"
1; Wanna meet my dilsnick baby?
2; I have a quite long dilsnick
3; I cut off my dilsnick
4; Need a yard stick? Ill just whip out my dilsnick!
by rayp January 18, 2004
A big part of the fucking jew controlled media which infests every dumb cocksucker out there with shitertainment and what to buy to keep up with the numbnuts next door.
people with no brains and no lives of their own have television to tell them that they do.
by rayp April 25, 2005
The best name you can have for a bowling team
Chuck:whats your bolwing teams name?


Chuck:hahah that's funny
by RayP October 02, 2003
The big thing that spit on your mom when she was going down my in pants.
Wanna pet my trouser snake?
by rayp January 18, 2004

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