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Very large male genitalia. It is used for activities such as cock slapping.

Listen to Gangstarr for further definition.
"Knuckleheads need to quit cuz they be ridin' the dilsnick"
"They be beggin' for attention or some more of the dilsnick"

-Guru of Gangstarr
by n8designs February 25, 2006
An extremely long penis found on some men, can be and almost always is 3 - 17 feet... in diameter, it is never found on asains because they have "2 INCH OF HARD DIEK!!!!"
1; Wanna meet my dilsnick baby?
2; I have a quite long dilsnick
3; I cut off my dilsnick
4; Need a yard stick? Ill just whip out my dilsnick!
by rayp January 18, 2004