22 definitions by RAWR

An insult someone,an implication of someone being homosexual
Eric,you little shitnut
by RAWR February 22, 2005
Kid on newgrounds who refuses to deposit and fails at getting extra exp points.
BlackVector failed at extra exp thread
by Rawr February 07, 2005
AOL Speak for huggle.
Jack humples bot
! bot has kicked jack (no AOL)
by rawr September 15, 2004
A region of space in the MMORPG "EVE: The Second Genesis", whose alliance is notorious for getting pwnt by other factions in the game on a regular basis.

Hence, when the word Venal is added to an insult, its generally referring to an extreme degree of humiliating defeat.
omg d00d, you just got wtfvenalpwnt...
by rawr August 28, 2004
what pengy does every friday night with any random thing he finds
pengy likes to schmex the apple pie
by rawr May 27, 2004
831 meaning "I LOVE YOU" if your that lazy to just type 'i love you' so you just use numbers
slut-oh darling bitch 831
whore-oh darling bitch 143
by rawr March 28, 2005
dolce solce agggggg

gator glazze is so agg hes a MANIMAL!!
by rawr August 05, 2004

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