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A new word people have started saying, mostly in Mississauga. Meaning a homosexual, or an obnoxious "fag".
Damnit! That rafey keeps trying to suck my penis!
by rambo March 15, 2005
Any party put on by Christian Mahood for the prolification of his gay fantasies, especially those serving packaged meats. Activities may include "bobbing for sausages", "pin the sausage on the donkey", and "plug the hole with a sausage". These parties are only fun for gay people, so beware.
Oh man, Mahood is throwing another sausage party. The fliers are all over school. He's pretty sick.
by Rambo March 20, 2004
The worlds shittest team who are NOT going to win a thing!(the carling cup is not a real trophy) All they're fans are nothing but glory hunting bastards like the wop or pissbag(Edward Ginn).
Chelski are FUCKIN SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!!!!I hope they burn in hell along with all they're bastard "fans"!

Regards Rambo
by Rambo March 02, 2005
Quite possibly the worst band that has ever existed made up of the three most untalented musicians of all time. Only pathetic little stoner motherfuckers like them such as Mark Hill.
Green Day are shit, shit, shit, shit,shit, SHIT!
That last sentence is as creative as all their songs put together!
Mark Hill is a wee fucker!
by Rambo April 07, 2005
a common phrase used by many the townie, rarfie and charv/a alike, is totally stupid, gay and retarded You cannot walk anywere in the north east of england (europe) without hearing this phrase.

usually used as 'yeah but no'
you have a good night?
'yeah but no'

i had sexual intercourse with my girlfriend last?
'yeah but i had ya mam]'
by RAMBO March 19, 2004
Shit band with a shit singer, shit guitarists, shit drummer and shit songs. They are also welsh meaning they have special "feelings" towards sheep i.e they fuck them.
lostprophets are as bad as the country they come from. Fuck wales!
by rambo April 08, 2005
Worst band in the world made up of a bunch of homosexual wankers who like to dress up in drag and fuck each other on stage. Loved by dickheads like the wop who likes to pleasure himself while watching them fuck onstage!!!
Kiss can kiss my ass cus they are shit!!!
Wop wants to suck off Gene Simmons!!!
Wop sucked off Fulton in the back of the business studies room!!!
by rambo April 15, 2005

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