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An area populated by about 14,000 people. (Maybe more now because all anyone does in this town is drugs, and have sex) Consists of different classes of people starting with your scuzzers, your fuck-and-runs, your gangsters, your wanksters, your preps, your natives, and last but not least your druggies. Mostly druggies. Often a person belongs to multiple classes. For example: An abercrombie sweater with G-Unit shoes, and a fat blunt in the pocket. As you can see this person would fall under prep, gangster/wankster, and druggy. Such variation in people is superb!
Yo I am going to hit up Massena to grab a bite to eat, smoke some pot, and probably see someone I've already seen today.
#massena #small town #scum #13662 #massena ny
by RAIDER March 22, 2007
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