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Latin is a language that was originally the chief language of the Roman Empire. While it shares many etymological similarities with ancient Greek, it is a much more rigidly-structured language as a result of the more military nature of Roman society. Citizens of Rome (both native and naturalized) were expected to speak Latin; not to was a sign of barbarism. Nowadays, other than linguists, the only major two groups that use Latin are the Catholic Church and scientists (usually biologists). Unfortunately, this has given Latin an unfair image as a language of stuffy intellectuals. This is compounded by the fact that most Latin education programs teach the G-rated version of Latin (i.e. the version without any curses or real Roman history), despite the fact that Latin contains some awesome curses. Some of those are included below.
Claude os tuum, vel tu claudam. - Shut up, or I will shut you up
Mens tuum est similis bombulis infanti. - Your mind is like a farting infant.
Siste loquens! Nobis stultior facis! - Stop speaking! You are making me more stupid!
Volo te claude. - I wish you'd shut up.
Siste legens hoc praeceptum. - Stop reading this motto.
Sororem tuam pedicavi! - I sodomized your sister!
Non certa si troglodytarum aut tantummodo stultius. - Not sure if troll or just stupid.
Mammae aut apage! - Tits or GTFO.
Erada rationem triginta et duo! - Delete System32!
Osores oderit... - Haters gonna Hate
Tu iratus, frater? - UMAD, bro?
Tantum cunnus es. - You are such a c*nt.
Ille culus. - Dat ass
Culum tuum tangere possum? - Can I touch your ass?
Quis culum meum iam tetigit? - Did you just touch my ass?
Rosae rubrae sunt, violae caerulae sunt. Carmini scribere non possum, ita claude. - Roses are red, violets are blue. I can't write poems, so shut up.
Irrumabo usque id amas. - I'll face-fuck you until you like it.
Tua resistentia solummodo meum penem durius facit! - Your resistance only makes my penis harder!
Verpam meam ei ostendere conatus sum, sed cucurristi. - I tried to show her my penis, but she ran.
Hic me est merda dante! - This is me giving a shit!
Qui tuum loqui quaesivit? - Who asked you to speak?
Se futue - Fuck yourself (NOTE: this is the correct Latin. "Te futue" literally means "Go fuck you" (i.e., another person))
by Quispiam Qui Latine Scit July 19, 2012
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