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When a multi-millionaire celebrity pro-sportsman who can all but walk on water, has the world at his feet, has the most stunning Scandinavian swimsuit model wife that not even the teenage serial-masturbators from "Weird Science" could begin to create, and has dream product endorsement deals shooting out of his wazoo, decides to play "hide-the-cocktail-wiener" with a dumb blonde nightclub waitress, thereby jepordizing his unbelievable good fortune for the sake of a "3-pumps-and-a-squirt" hook-up. The man forgoes Grade-A steak to feast upon a Wendy's patty...
Tiger Woods: "My darling wife, please forgive my transgressions, I have let you down..."

Mrs. Hot Woods: "Hmm... I know, why don't I repeatedly forgive your transgressions with this nine-iron in your face you cheating burger-girl fucker??!!"
by QuinnyT December 03, 2009
When a man ejaculates rapidly, unexpectedly and with greater-than-average force and velocity into the unwitting face or forehead of his girlfriend / wife / partner, thus leaving them with a stunned expression.

This is inspired by the captive bolt pistol that psychotic killer Anton Chigurh uses in the movie 'No Country for Old Men'. His victims have no idea what's coming and when they do it's too late.

The device itself is usually used to stun cattle or livestock before they are butchered.
"Man, my girl was giving me the best BJ last night and before I knew it, I'd totally fired a captive bolt pistol right in her face... she was pretty stunned!"
by QuinnyT October 27, 2009

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