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To be scared or nervous when doing something bad or illegal.

I was so sketched when me and my friend were smoking weed in the bathroom at school.

by Quicksliver July 12, 2008
Someone who is insanely chill or cool to be around. Usually the type of person you would want to smoke with.
Person 1: Hey man you wanna hang with Seth?

Person 2: Yeh dude he's chill as shit!
by Quicksliver August 24, 2008
A person who's chiller than a cucumber. Usually the chillest person you can hang out with.
Me and my best friend just sat around smoking all day, and eating a fuck load of Papa Johns. "Yeah man being a chillian is pretty sick."
by Quicksliver August 27, 2008
Something bad that you are about to do that is equivalent to smoking weed in the bathroom of a police station.
Person 1: Hey dude you want to hang out tonight?

Person 2: Nah dude you're police station sketchy.
by Quicksliver August 24, 2008

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