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feel·i·bus·ter feel-uh-buhs-ter
the use of irregular or obstructive tactics by a female to prevent the male from sleeping, watching the game, or enjoying the quiet.

an exceptionally long speech about feelings, as one lasting for an hour or hours, or a series of such speeches in the form of a statement that doesn’t even end in a question.
"You better DVR the game, that girl next you is a feelibuster".

"I'm exhausted today because my girlfriend feelibusted me until the sun came up".
by queso January 13, 2013
A beyond hot white boy that has hooked up with a lovely sexy Latin lady.
Girl 1: DAMN that white boy is hot!!
Latin Girl: Yeah he's my queso blanco.
by Queso June 04, 2007
Trying fondue at several locations including resutrants, at home, etc.
Going to have fondue somewhere with a group of people.
One time me and my friends went fonduing so I got them a fondue set as a gift because it was so much fun.
by Queso June 04, 2007
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