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Refers to a gun; a mack ten
"aint nuttin speratin us but my mack ten"
by Queens, New York July 13, 2005
A state west of NYC known to be one of the most polluted places in the country. If you drive long enough on the NJ Turnpike your chances of getting lung cancer and all sorts of diseases increses by 90%. Its a more spacious state with cheap and less expensive land and houses than NY, in general. A place where people live to get a house for cheap and try to imtiate NY.The NJ average housing price could be 649,000$ (thats even if it is) but thats because u get a house that has 30 rooms ,10 bathrooms, and a lake, a river ,and etc....The land is cheap. In NY you would get a small average house with 11/2 bathroom 2 bedrooms and a backyard if ur lucky with that being the starting price(thats in the bad areas too). Jersey is not wealthy at all and a house in Long Island alone can buy out 4-8 jersey houses.Shit an apartment in Tribeca cost more than a 5 acre house in Jersey. New Jersey people always try to prove themselves to New Yorkers because they know we are more real and have that NY "atitude" so they feel the need to prove to us that they "gangsta" as well, meanwhile they are just a bunch of suburban kids thinking they are "ghetto" and live the hard life. Jersians are not New Yorkers so dont not be mistaken they do not speak like us with the"cawfee" or "Wawtah" accent. They try but they cant be us New Yorkers (dont be fooled people). They are not even close to aggrivated or raged drivers as New Yorkers and if someone from Jersey drove in NY they would be harrased. Everyone knows that Jersey is a dump as well as Staten Island which is literally a few swimming strokes away from Jersey. The reason they got nice cars is because the houses are so cheap that they can afford the car they want.
The name says it all "DIrty Jersey" Keyword: DIrty!!!

"Move ya fucken car moron!......No wonda he's from Jersey....."
by Queens, New York July 13, 2005

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