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A person who thinks they know all there is to know (or enough) about the heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne, but is really as ignorant as shit about his music and life.

This is usually because they have either:

Only listened to or heard of the song 'Paranoid' or his lastest album Black Rain. (There is a 40 YEAR back catalogue of gold to experiance folks!)


Watched a couple of episodes of the semi-relatity show 'The Osbournes' and thinks that entitles them to an ignorant opinion of Ozzy as a brainless idiot. Which could not be further from the truth if it went to Pluto.

"HAHA, Ozzy Osbourne! He's that stoner guy with glasses right?"

"Get a life you Ozz-n00b.."


"How many kids does Ozzy have?"

"Two of course, Jack and Kelly!"

"You Ozz-n00b."
by QueenSpaztic April 26, 2009
Slightly gay sounding way of pronouncing man bitch. A response to a male (possibly gay) friend who keeps going on about how hot he/someone else is and what girls he could shag if he wanted to. Or who makes bitchy comments about someone elses appearance.

An affectionate term...

(Has 3 syllables, say: 'Man-Bee-AAHch!')
'And like, omg - Jennifer has gotten soooo fat over summer!'

'Oooh, you Man Beeatch!!'
by QueenSpaztic January 26, 2009

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