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Black tar heroin.

Made in Mexico.
Did you hear? Johnny from Dallas OD'd on dat black rain.
by DFWStreetsOnLock April 22, 2008
32 6
A term used to describe a hail of bullets. In effect the bullets "rain" down on the person. Used mainly to describe executions and not actual shootouts. (commonly used by Jamaicans)
IF you don't do it black rain might fall on you and your family.
by El Capaton May 16, 2008
20 7
1. The act of being cheap
2. To order nothing but a glass of water
3. To be a "jew"
Dayam nigga! We can never chowdown anywhere dope...You be nothing but a blackrain! Shiet!
by TheTrueDrinker October 30, 2003
7 9
When some one goes into the bathroom stall next to your stall and sticks the ass over the divider and procedes to defecate on the person in the next stall.
John couldnt move when the black rain started to flow from above him at the mexican resurant.
by Joemack January 15, 2006
20 50