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When a person chokes so hard that they fart.
I choked on the pinto bean spread which caused a doubly horrible fartichoke.
#fart #choke #rip ass #mist #dookie
by QBeezley March 19, 2006
Minnesota has a large Hmong population, and thus alot of asian restaurants. When you have a craving for some , say, eggrolls that makes you ... Hmongry!
That asian chick is cute! Im getting Hmongry if you know what I mean!
#hmong #asian #eggrolls #riceballs #kung pow lickin'
by QBeezley March 19, 2006
Little Canada is a suburb of St. Paul MN. Everyone knows that Canadians are retarded, so someone who lives in Little Canada is a little retarded.
Dude 1 "have you seen the internet video of the retard from Burger King singing 'Ding Fries Are Done'?"

Dude 2 "Yeah!! Hes from Little Canada!"

Dude 1 "So's your MOM!!"

Dude 2 (hangs head and whispers) "how did you know abooot that, eh? We are shamed."
#burger king #ding fries are done #paper hat #hockey #celine dion
by QBeezley March 19, 2006
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