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2 definitions by QABCQ

Danger! It's a bomb!

The watermelon in china can be explosive.
Police: What are you holding?
Me: Chinese watermelon.
Police: Put the bomb down...
by QABCQ August 22, 2012
Schrödinger want to kill his cat, so he made a plan. He put in cat in a sealed box. There are a flask of poison and a radioactive source inside. When the box open. The cat will be either dead or alive.

If the cat is alive. He will do it again until the cat is dead.
Schrödinger: Damn it. My cat is still alive!
Cat: What are you doing?
World: Schrödinger's cat is brilliant.

Cat: No! He is trying to kill me...
by QABCQ September 07, 2012