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2 definitions by PyroSam14

1. one who attempts to place honor in his everyday life.
2. one who if is not asian to begin with seems to find fancy in dressing that way.
3. a wasian who finds himself doing honorable things.
Folloe honor, be a part of a samurai man's master plan.
by pyrosam14 July 15, 2004
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Badinkadink is a sarcastic sound usually made by a friend when you wimp out on asking a girl out. the sound is suppost to represent a pair of balls (most likely yours) dropping to the ground and bouncing away
Sam: did you ask her?
Troy: No man i was warming up and she left?
Raymond: BaDinkADink! OOOOOOHHHHHH!
Troy: Shut the FUCK Up Raymond!
by PyroSam14 May 04, 2004
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