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When your balls shrink to the size of Swartz's because you are taking roids and frequently have roid rage, so therefore you use up all of your testerone creating tiny balls
Docter: It looks like you have Terminal Testicular Dystrophy

Patient: Fuck You
by Putko June 09, 2008
Unanus is gamer speak for ones Anal Cavity, closely related to Unayner
Tyrell : Whoa, that kid just pulled down his pants.
Drewster : Yeah I saw his unanus! Holy shit!
by Putko June 10, 2008
The Donald: When your asshole hair gets really long and you don't wipe your ass for a month when shitting, and you make an ugly fat bitch lick it right before an orgasm
Guy: Did you just do The Donald?

Bitch: I braided your ass hair with my tounge
by Putko June 10, 2008
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