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3 definitions by Pusher

Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin's cult electronic band, best known for the albums 'Music Has the Right To Children' and 'Geogaddi'. Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin were both born in Scotland and have enjoyed underground acclaim for their work, some of their music has also featured in David Firth's 'Salad Fingers' animations.

They are currently releasing work through Warp Records.
Dude have you heard Boards Of Canada's song XYZ?
by Pusher November 17, 2005
A form of music that mixes the rebellious nature of punk, with the burlesque debauchery of cabaret. The band that started this phenomenon are called the 'Dresden Dolls' who are a duo made by Brian Viglione and Amanda Palmer; they have enjoyed a small cult following.
That is some damn kinky punk cabaret
by Pusher November 17, 2005
To have a particularly bad day, where nothing seems to be going the way it should.
I missed my train, I forgot my homework and I forgot my driving lesson...i've had a howler.

by Pusher November 23, 2005