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a bitter or critical manner of speaking
Whoa, what's with the sharp tongue?
by Pureghetto November 02, 2004
The sound a cow makes. Commonly mistaken for the more popular but incorrect 'moo', Ner is actually the documented sound emitted by cows when they express themselves.

Cows go ner.
by Pureghetto October 08, 2004
A lifestyle or behaviour inherent to the ideals and concepts behind the screen name of Pureghetto. PGnese appears on the surface to be very similar to engrish in grammar, with a touch of internet incoherency and misspellings of simple words.

Though PGnese is a behaviour performed by a human, it cannot be duplicated, but merely copied. It is inherent to Pureghetto and Pureghetto alone.

I talking the good englishing you?

I r hawt!

by Pureghetto October 08, 2004
see Ner

Ner Cow is an esoteric reference to cow sounds
Moo Moo the Ner Cow
Ner Cows are cute
by Pureghetto October 08, 2004
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