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The ranking or placement of girls in the order of the booty sizes.
Guy 1: I'm having a hard time figuring out who I should take to prom. Each of these girls got a fat ass.
Guy 2: Aye man line em up in bootyological order and see who comes out on top.
by PurdueBound June 16, 2009
the ultimate form of blasphemy; complete nonsense. extremely frowned upon
Girl: Qdoba is way better than Chipotle.
Boy: That is blas-fuckin-phemy! Qdoba sucks ass.
by PurdueBound September 25, 2010
a girl who is a whore when she is completely sober unlike most girls (usually white girls) who need alcohol to give up the drawls
Guy 1: Man I just fucked Vanessa.
Guy 2: Haha how many drinks did she have?
Guy 1: Nah man she didn't have any. She's a sober slut.
by PurdueBound April 06, 2011

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