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A computer so low in quality, the only computers lower than it are Apple Computers.
Steve: "Dude, you'r gettin' a Dell!"

John: "Ya, but it's got to be better than this fucking Compaq. By the way, are you high?"
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
When a single program, or Windows grenades, press these in combination to send it to hell!
"BSOD! FUCK...I'm pressin' CTRl+ALT+DEL, and calling that moron in India for help! Damn foreign outsourcing! Damn Compaq p.o.s.
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
People who use cool websites like this for stupid fuckin shit...like bashing presidents.
do I need to put an example?
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
To lay a silent fart down the aisle of a grocery store when someone is toward you...and listen to them gag.

see click and drag
son: "Dad why is that guy choking and hacking like that?"
Dad: "Cause daddy just laid a crop duster."
son: "OMG he's turning blue!"
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
A shot in the game of pool in which the ball hit travels from one end of the table straight down the side rail to a the other end, in hopes of getting in a corner pocket.
Pool shark: "Ha ha you missed your bank, you owe me $50.!"
Guy: "I got your $50 pal, on the other side of my stick!"
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
A good show to watch....when your drunk, bored, high, or suicidal.
"The O.C again? That's it time to swallow something for amusement."
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
Any excuse you use to avoid having sex with a grenade.
Guy..."I just remembered I forgot the condoms."
Grenade..."OH okay I'll wait for you then."
Guy..."I"ll be back in 5 minutes."

"Otherwise start without me."
by Punkhead June 01, 2005
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