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1. A small flat rubber disk used in the sport of hockey.
2. A character in Shakespeare's "A Mid Summer's Night Dream". - aka Robin Goodfellow
3. One of the coolest super heroes of all time. A Canadian, who was a member of Alpha Flight.
1. Gretzky passed the puck.
2. Puck's witicism's are cracking me up.
3. Holy CRAP! Did you see what that short Canadian guy just did?! He must be some sort of super hero!
by Puck January 28, 2004
1. A character that one creates in a video game. The origins of this term are unclear, but may be related to the second definition.

2. In the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), an animated film performer who inhabits the human world but is not human (examples: Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit). A shortened form of "cartoon."
I am going to roll a l33t axe toon.
by Puck March 17, 2004
1. Disgusting filth, usually of a biological or fungal nature.
2. Infectious waste.
Dirty dishes forgotten in the sink for three weeks were found covered in sliggins.
by Puck April 16, 2004
this is when you have wireless internet and take a crap while having a laptop in your lap that is connected to the internet. developed while actually shiterneting
dude last week i took this shit and i was talking to my girlfriend online at the same time. i totally shiterneted
by puck August 11, 2004
this is when something is so sick it makes you puke
chad kagy's manuals are so hella puke that i threw up on my girlfriend when i saw one in props.
by puck April 24, 2004
this is when a photographer smokes a bunch of his film and gets all high from it.
Dude Atiba smoked all his Tri-X now he's all kodaktose
by puck April 24, 2004
this is a skateboard made entirely out of icecream
fucking skating this dixleschnit, lets eat it
by puck April 24, 2004
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