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a large luxury sedan based on the wide body chasis model. Produced by Cadiallac for many year reaching its peak of beauty and execellent in 1994-1996. Power by a 5.7 the fleetwood general goes through gas at an exponential rate
Damn N!GG@, chall she that there fleetwood. N@#%! be pimpin old skool, betachee get all the bitches!
by Pubert Quebert Quakenbusch April 05, 2003
adj. stemming from beige whole, otherwise known as the anus. coomonly used to refer to the crapiness of something.
from the latin Beijius
you and your beige car, beige hat,beigehole make me sick
by Pubert Quebert Quakenbusch April 05, 2003
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