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One shitty internet provider, and actually charge MORE than a provider worth getting. They made 9.0 with "extra features" available, because they are so broke they have to do anything to make a buck.
AOL absolutely sucks.
by Psych Ward Employee January 03, 2005
The word the English language is obsessed with, and it doesn't even really exist.
correct English:We have to go to the store or I'll have to tell my mom we have no food in the house. So you need to get out of bed and we have to be home before mom's come home.
common English: We've got to go to the store or I've gotta tell my mom we got no food in the house. So you gotta get out of bed and we've gotta be home before she's gotten home.
by Psych Ward Employee January 03, 2005
Psycho Bitch's theme song. It's the song that I have playing in her personal room all day.
She spends a lot of time in there with her imaginary friends sexy kinky girl and mocha.
by Psych Ward Employee January 29, 2005
What I will be once I recatch that infamous awoling Psycho Bitch.
Psycho Bitch, you're own3d!
by Psych Ward Employee February 24, 2005
Me. I am psych ward employee. I kick ass. :D Also, my insults, though assumed, are not gay...in fact, they sound pretty much like everyone else's.
I found psycho bitch when she was sexy kinky girl fighting with Gumba Gumba (yep Kyle, she didn't know of lunar shadows yet...you've been proven wrong, haha), I found her when she was mocha fighting with lunar shadows, and I will soon find her yet again. I know you're out that, crazy girl.
by Psych Ward Employee January 27, 2005
Actually Mocha, you and your friend think I'm lunar shadows, where I'm not him. Actually hun, I'm a chick.

You also said him and I post the same way. That's obvioulsy false because if you compare his definitions, like chocolate chips and dinky little to mine, you can tell we're not the same person.
Why the hell do you think I'm lunar? I don't come here enough to be him.
by psych ward employee January 11, 2005
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