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GNS - Ghetto Naming Syndrome. The ghetto trend of urbanizing a name.
ie. Shaniqua, Moniqua, Jeniqua
by Pseudonym October 31, 2004
A Tone Dialer is a tool used by almost all phreakers that phreak the pay phone systems. This is a tool that will produce tones automatically for you to play back into the phone system. These dialed tones may then be recorded onto a cassete or mp3 player and then later used at the pay phone system to get a free call. There are many of these dialers that are now available as software and some are becoming available for the Palm OS.
My tone dialer can produce tones from .00001Hz all the way to 100,000,000,0 Hz
by pseudonym September 21, 2004
Rolling On The Floor Laughing Mastrubating And Crying
Yesterday after school i was so bored that i decided to rotflmac
by pseudonym April 11, 2005
the best thing ever! (next wining money or having sex you get the idea)
dont fuck with the separation of church and state
by pseudonym March 19, 2005
1. One who engages in oral sex with a male.
2. One who engages in oral sex with a male while simultaneously humming.

The origins of this word come from Sean and Joe, taken from the original Middle English word bage pipiere. It is said this way because the male anatomy can be compared to a bag pipe.
1. Your a fuckin bag piper steve.
2. Last night I was hanging out with that girl, and she totally bag piped me.
3. Lawanda was bag piping so hard last night that she got the "Eye of the Tiger" stuck in my wang.
by pseudonym March 09, 2005
Fake Converse All-Star shoes soon became known as "Covnerse All Sters". Cheap ripoffs of these can look like a blind goat's attempt at making fine cuisine. Okay, bad example.
"Hey Joe, I see you got some All-Stars."
"No way man, these are official 100% fake Covnerse All Sters. "
"Err.... cool."
by pseudonym February 16, 2005
The 'International Jewish Banking conspiracy'. An organized and un-recgonized society of world Jews controlling all of the monies of the world.

Many believe that the secretive society has infiltrated the highest levels of governments in every major country and is constantly at work 'saving money'
Brian really needs his IJBC license plate.
by Pseudonym January 26, 2005
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