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Died on Friday, August 6 by natural cuases. You think I'm kidding? Go to yahoo news.
Have some respect for the Superfreak: never say "I'm Rick James, bitch" again.
by pseudonym August 06, 2004
A program used to modify the sims 2. Is used to edit sims, create objects, as well as many other things. It can be downloaded at sims.ambertation.de .
SimPE is tons better than the simenhancer 2
by pseudonym April 10, 2005
A person committing an act that demostrates a severe lack of all common sense to the extent that the act itself endangers the person and everybody around them.
"You really snelled up this time..."
"They are the bunch of snelliest snells that have ever snelled in the history of snelling"
by Pseudonym October 13, 2004
To hitchhike, if you don't have a ride
If you don't like the way I drive, you can thumb it.
by Pseudonym August 29, 2004
awesome actress on CSI (original) who the assholes at CBS Broadcasting fired just becasue she asked for more money ( which she had every right to do) because she was receiving the same paycheck that she got for season one of CSI and she didn't get any raises even after the show's amazing success
In a pefect world, Jorja Fox would shoot Les Moonves 18 times in the face,a ss, and neck.
by Pseudonym July 19, 2004
A proboards, suddenlaunch, conforums, invisionfree and other sites coder.

Does Javascript, VBS and VB.
wwx is a legend at proboards!!
by Pseudonym April 20, 2005
The greatest NES baseball game ever made. Refer to dee-nee.com for more information.
RBI Baseball is so sweet that I want to jump kick your mom in the face teeth!
by pseudonym September 02, 2004

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