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Final Fantasy Worlds Apart, a website dedicated to the greatness that is Final Fantasy. It is run by Rob, who supports Derby County, and is regularly visited by brilliantly cool people. Oh, and the site itself is pretty good too.
"I'm a member of FF:WA."
by pseudonym February 28, 2005
An inexpensive but overpriced brand of tacky LA clothing (velour sweatsuits, message tees and the like) bought mostly by preteen girls and white-trash middle-aged women who think they're on the cutting edge of fashion. Their sweatpants a (very comfy) guilty pleasure, worn most often as pajamas.
They call it Juicy "Couture" ironically, but it is really an offense to true couturiers such as Lagerfeld and Lacroix.
by Pseudonym December 14, 2004
Used to describe a woman who is rather unattractive, except at her center, namely, her ass; an otherwise ugly woman with a good butt.
"Look at that tootsie-pop, man... if only the rest of her matched up with her ass."
by Pseudonym November 10, 2004
when a guy pulls his dick and balls back between his legs (forming a basket of fruit behind him) and then putting his legs together to simulate the look of a vagina.

Also called a mangina
"I thought I was gonna bust a gut when that wack job in Silence of the Lambs danced in front of the mirror admiring his man taco."
by pseudonym September 18, 2004
used to be made of cocaine thats why people liked it
cacsd casd sdfsdfasd
by pseudonym May 15, 2004
The length of a man's penis, measured along the top.
My boyfriend reckons he's 8" long, but he measures from underneath to fool himself into thinking it's longer; the whore's measure is really only 6".
by Pseudonym February 02, 2005
Acronym for 'What Would Jesus Do?'
That kid is wearing a bracelet that says 'WWJD?'
by Pseudonym August 31, 2004
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