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Form of moshing most well known through Lamb of God's "Black Label". At a concert the lead vocalist of a metal band instructs the crowd that they are doing the wall of death. The crowd then divides in half...each half made up of aggresive fans ready to tear eachother apart. When the considerably heavier or heaviest part of the song kicks in, the two halves of the crowd rush one another. As you might imagine, two walls of aggressive people colliding results in serious injury and sometimes death. For this reason, many bands have been sued for calling the wall of death, so modern walls of death are formed not due to instruction, but through serious fans who know what to do when the song in question is played. This is a mosh meant to be done a metal shows...not a hardcore dance. A wall of death at an emo/hXc show is not a true wall of death.
Black Label begins.
Crowd divides.
Musical tension hightens.
40 seconds in, Randy screams.
The wall of death begins.
Everybody screams.
Bodies surge together.
Bodies fall together.
by pseudocide November 25, 2007
a command used to discreetly let a person know that his weak and unwanted followers need to fuck off, and that it is his responsibility to make this happen
Nick approaches his friends, but is followed by people that can usually be classified as fat, gross, annoying, etc.

Group member: "Yo Nick...ditch your donuts..."
by Pseudocide September 11, 2007
A short code is a telephone number used for easy text messaging, with automated responses. Short codes are purchased similarly to web domains. They are used by corporations for promotional purposes, to hold sweepstakes, reward systems, selling products, and distributing information. Short codes can cost thousands of dollars per month, depending on whether the numbers spell a useful word. Such words are usually between 4 and 6 letters long. Other companies use numbers that are easier to remember.
COKE - 2653 - rewards - mycokerewards.com
41414 - contests - 41414.com
FBOOK - 32665 - interacting with facebook.com
GOOGLE - 466453 - interacting with google.com

there are also countless short codes that subscribe to to ringtones, wallpapers, and other tools for your cellphone, with a monthly fee
by pseudocide December 02, 2007
An abbreviation for "Facebook", a popular social networking site.

A short code for Facebook users with mobile phones. Facebook's mobile feature is used by sending text to "FBOOK" or the number 32665. Sending the message "I am smoking weed" will change your Facebook status to: "First Name" is smoking weed. You can also use FBOOK to find and add friends.
Yo check your fbook.

I set Eric's Facebook on fire with my phone. I sent "fire eric" to 32665.
by pseudocide December 02, 2007
Abbreviation known amongst metalheads referencing to the political death metal band DYING FETUS.

Usually typed, almost never spoken. If spoken it comes from a poser metalhead who deserves to be shunned.
"yo dude you listen to the new df cd?"
by pseudocide September 27, 2007

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