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An abbreviation for the popular online networking site Facebook.
All I do when I bring my laptop to class is waste time on fbook.
by dancingfrogz April 11, 2007
An abbreviation for "Facebook", a popular social networking site.

A short code for Facebook users with mobile phones. Facebook's mobile feature is used by sending text to "FBOOK" or the number 32665. Sending the message "I am smoking weed" will change your Facebook status to: "First Name" is smoking weed. You can also use FBOOK to find and add friends.
Yo check your fbook.

I set Eric's Facebook on fire with my phone. I sent "fire eric" to 32665.
by pseudocide December 02, 2007
A conjunction for all those facebook lovers who want to save their precious time for scrolling through their friend's pictures to see what happened last night while they were sitting at home, browsing facebook.
You're cute, do you have a F'Book? ADD ME!
by LRoss July 25, 2008
N. An abbreviation for the popular networking website face book.
Sara: Shit goes on fbook immediately!
(girls taking group picture)

All i do at home is get on fbook.

fbook is way better than myspace.
by JoeinCali October 21, 2007
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