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A deceiving concept invented by gaming companies to trick people into spending copious amounts of money on binary digits that have no practical applications in the real world.

Of course free to play games are free to download, and free to play, however if you want to make any sort of progress in said game, or be on a comparable level to other players in said game, you need to spend real world money in the fantasy world game to have any sort of fun.

Oftentimes consumers spend more money on free to play games than the MSRP price of many retail games.

You know that the title is deceiving when Electronic Arts, a bunch of money grubbing whores, says that Free To Play games are the future of the industry.
Nerd 1: “Man, I cannot keep up with anyone else. I tried to loot that chest but some guy keeps hiding around the corner and killing me with one swing.”

Nerd 2: “Dude, just spend $5 on that one spell and teach him a lesson.”

Nerd 1: “Good idea, I mean, I only make minimum wage, but 45 minutes of working at my sucky job is totally worth the satisfaction that killing this guy is gonna bring in this virtual reality. Wait I thought you said it was 5 bucks? It’s 10 bucks!”

Video Game Industry: “I love Free to Play. Who would’ve thought ‘Free’ could be so profitable!?”
by Pseudobot19 February 24, 2013
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