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5 definitions by PseudoPseudonym

Used to describe the feeling when someone is taking a dump and there are people outside the door and they will not leave. Making the person taking a dump feel very uncomfortable as they are embarrassed about the people outside hearing the noise of the excrement hitting the water in the bowl.
"I swear to god man that party was crazy, people were everywhere, they were even outside the fucking door when I was taking a dump. I got a real bad case of anal scrutany."
by PseudoPseudonym April 23, 2009
The slang term for an anal cream pie, referancing the english treat Angel Delight.
"Damn that porn was so good, it was like anal delight."
by Pseudopseudonym April 28, 2009
The Tolken, a sexaul position taken from the parody of the length of the "Lord of the Rings," motion pictures and the book written by J.R.R. Tolken. This is where a woman in bent over and has her ring destroyed over the series of 6 - 8 hours by some men, some dwarves and some elves.
Man 1: "I was re-enacting LOTR last night, I gave my bird the Tolken and she fair can't walk right anymore. =D"

Man 2: "Alrighhhhht!"
by Pseudopseudonym September 16, 2009
The term used to describe the itching of the anus at night, due to threadworms. Whilst sleeping your body automatically scratches the irritation but it only gets eggs under your nails to produce more thread worms and gives you a nasty smelling hand.
"Dude, I have a proper bad case of anal irritation. I need to get checked out."
by PseudoPseudonym April 23, 2009
The term used for a person who clenches their teeth on a pillow to reduce the pain and uncomfortbale feeling of anal sex.
"Dude, that girl was a real pillow biter. When she went, I had feathers and shit everywhere. I have to sleep in that fucking bed too."
by Pseudopseudonym April 23, 2009