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JC is an acronym for "Just Chilling". Can be used as an adjective or a verb. Used in the verb sense, it means that you are just going along for the ride, or just hanging somewhere. In the adjective sense, it implies someone who is calm and collected all the time, and who never gets upset about anything.
Nick: I'm JCing at the club, want to come?
Harold: Derek is such a JC
by Prometheus Whist June 05, 2009
An accomplice to a Mr. Kite. Sometimes is a poser, or maybe a GWFN who wants to be a Mr. Kite himself, or a JC
John: Frank became such a Mr. H after hanging with Alex
by Prometheus Whist June 05, 2009
Someone extremely eccentric. Stems from the Beatles song "For the benefit of Mr. Kite".
John: Alex, you've turned into such a Mr. Kite after that party in L.A.
by Prometheus Whist June 05, 2009
An acronym for "Guy Who Fucking Knows Everyone". They are generally around institutions which encourage fraternization, such as schools or companies. Can turn into a Mr. H.
Note: Pronounced Gwif-key
Carl: I feel like such a GWFKE right now
by Prometheus Whist June 05, 2009
Another word for a dick. Can be used in a public setting, such as work or school. You can ask questions about a dick using the term "play"
Suzy: He looks like he would have a nice play

James: How many pages is your play
Jack: 7
James: Wow, nice.
by Prometheus Whist June 28, 2009
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