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what's up, like how are you going.
Nigga: hey wuzza man
Brotha: chillin..
by Katttiaa June 21, 2005
Instead of using the word was. It is mostly used by Italians trying to formulate sentences in English.
Short Sentences
What you wuzza do today?
You wuzza bitch.
I no wuzza bitch, you wuzza bitch.

Used in a conversation (Italian Accents)
Paulie: Why you wuzza put the tomato sauce in the frying pan?

Pasquale: I no wuzza put the tomato sauce in the frying pan; I wuzza put the sauce in the pot.

Paulie: Ayy, forgetaboutit.
by giss32 July 26, 2011
an endeering term often to younger children but also can be used in a patronising manor
its cold outside you say? awww wuzza,
by sgt.mctravish September 22, 2009
Another name for a lady friend. your woman.
"what you can't come? well bring your wuzza!"
by Prometheus October 20, 2004
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