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Probably came from an inexperienced photographer asking what to say.
Photographer: "What am I supposed to say?"
Person in picture: "Say cheese" (as in a cheesy joke)
Photographer: "Say 'cheese'!"
by Prometh September 13, 2006
A word that I invented back in 1999.

A bitchcock is a whining little rooster who's in need of decapitation. The farmer kills the rooster. Take that BITCH!!!
Bitchcock: "wah wah wah, *cough*, *clear*, I want things my way"

Man: Bitchcock.
by Prometh March 30, 2011
To no longer want to play the dating game. To give up being a player
Bob: Dave's getting married, you know?
Mac: He must be played out
by Prometh July 16, 2005
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