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v. To make fun of a really pathetic movie.
"Let's MST3k that theatrical flop 'Dungeons and Dragons!"
by ProjectSpam September 22, 2003
1. Shortened term for 'RPG Maker 2000.'
2. A moderately powerful game-making program that allows you to create wonderfully exhilarating or dreadfully abominable RPGs depending on how much time and work you put into the creation of the game. Very entertaining.
1. "RM2k rules."
2. "My RM2k game is awesome!"
by ProjectSpam September 22, 2003
An excellent website with 1,000+ video game music remixes. All songs are high quality MP3s.
To visit OverClocked ReMix, go to ocremix.org
by ProjectSpam February 14, 2004
1. A group of DJs that make up a band that produces awesome electronica/breakbeat music. One of the best bands around, if not the best.
2. Go to www.hybrid-group.com for more details.
1. "The song 'Finished Symphony' by Hybrid is my favorite song."
2. Check the site
by ProjectSpam September 22, 2003
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