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A woman so hot, that when you see her, you cant help but to masterbate right there.
Steve's mom is such a Mississippi Momma Masher.
by Profounder May 30, 2010
Its when your screwing a girl from behind and just before your about to cum you say "Kruchneauv" (to the best of your abilitly). Once she turns around in thinking shes being banged by the russian guy from rocky, you cum in her eyes ,therefore blinding her, and kick her in her vagina and run.
Last night was soo hilarious, i gave my teacher a Kentucky Kruchneauv Kick.
by Profounder May 30, 2010
Its what happens when you see a informercial so good, you get a boner.
I saw the informercial for the "Sham Wow" and i got a Infoboner.
by Profounder May 30, 2010
When you drink too much jaiger and your arms become flappy, you jerk in your hand and give your friend a slappy slappy.
Dude, last night at the party i saw at least 5 sluppyforearmslaps.
by Profounder May 30, 2010

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