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The act of sexually arousing a female. As her vagina becomes wet, her basement floods.
Guy: "I'm flooding the basement right now."

Girl: "You sure are, now fuck me!"
by ProfessorOak January 05, 2010
when your pubic hair starts to grop back after you've shaved it.
Guy 1: "Dude i'm getting new carpet."

Guy 2: "Oh yeah? In what rooms?"

Guy 3: "No, i mean my pubes are growing back."
by ProfessorOak December 31, 2008
The disease that some girls seem to have, being sluts. They like the dick a little too much.
Guy 1: "Dude this girl totally has dickaholism. She's always up in my junk."

Guy 2: "Why are you complaining? She wants your cock."
by ProfessorOak January 07, 2009
A book you read that just wasn't up to par with what you expected.
Guy 1: "Dude, the zombie survival guide sucked"

Guy 1: "Total shiterature"

Guy 2: "You're slow..that book is awesome!"
by ProfessorOak January 05, 2009
getting an erection.
guy 1: "houston, we have a problem."

guy 1: "i'm flooding the basement."

guy 2: "oh shit, just think about a chair, it'll go away."
by ProfessorOak February 01, 2009

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