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A bear shaped bipedal character from children’s stories. A gruffalo's lower jaw extends beyond the upper jaw with two large upward pointing teeth. The gruffalo has a heart of gold but it's outward appearance is that of one that does not wish to be messed with.

The term gruffalo can be used as a semi-endearment to describe someone who is quite gruff (traditional meaning) i.e. with a temporary but short and snappy introductory temperament. A gruffalo likes to show that he is gruff (by moving things roughly and hunching the shoulders) but is capable of maintaining a reasonable (if a little gruff) conversation if you wish to. The gruffalo often appears in the morning and arrives late at the office so his gruffness is visible to other staff.
oh - look out! here comes the gruffalo.
by Professor of new English June 22, 2005
Fat leak is a term used to describe a bulge of bare flesh that the owners clothes do not (but should) cover. Fat leaks often occur at the join between the upper and lower garments. Remember, a fat leak is only when the fat appears to seep out as uncovered flesh and can't be used to describe covered bulges. This is a derogatory term and it will not work as a term of endearment.
"Mary you have a fat leak" or "look at Mary's fat leak"
by Professor of new English June 21, 2005
a lady with a very pronounced outward-bow to her hips. It looks like her pockets are stuffed with pennies. This is not to be confused with a sexy hour-glass figure. Penny-pockets is a natural condition.
oh look - here comes penny-pockets
by Professor of new English June 22, 2005
A semi-endearment is a phrase used when puzzlement would be an acceptable outcome. It is ok to use a semi-endearment when you know a person well. But a little inappropriate as the semi-endearment can be a bit rude - but quite ok after an explaination.
Some examples of a semi-endearment are gruffalo or penny pockets. "oh here comes penny pockets" "here comes the gruffalo"
by Professor of new English June 22, 2005
A fishy one. See also quim
I'd like to try her fish soup
by Professor of new English June 22, 2005
A pork farmer is a person who grows pork and keeps it on their body. Possibly in preparation for harvest. Although the reason for so much fat growth is not defined here.

The reason the term is 'pork farmer' and not some other meat word (such as 'beef farmer') is because 'pork' relates to porky which can be as defined in the urban dictionary but is also related to 'porky the pig' who is a fat cartoon pig with enough human mannerisms to make him like a small fat human. Human flesh is also said to taste like pork so 'pork' is the most appropriate meat word for this term.

To recognise a 'pork farmer' is easy. You will find that this term is easily integrated into your vocabulary.
ahh, haa, look at that 'pork farmer' - do a dance for us fat boy...
by Professor of new English June 21, 2005
Left wing is a very generic term to describe a political position relative to what is currently accepted as the general consensus. Contrary to popular belief left-wing extremist are as common and possible and extreme as right-wing extremists. If you are left thinking you generally aspire to state-control and inclusiveness regardless of others. If you are right thinking you generally aspire to freedom and responsibility with a few strict rules - life is what you make it and there is no welfare-state to rely on.
Left, center-left, center-right, right - all quite generic terms to describe a political standpoint. Lenin is an example of someone on the extreme left.
by Professor of new English June 21, 2005

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