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4 definitions by Professor Wow

A Participant in the Act of Kettling. The kettlee will always be the one to recieve.
"I'm going to ask Laura if she'd mind terribly if I made her my Kettlee."
by Professor Wow December 08, 2006
A female participant in the Act of Cronk Dangling falling to her death due to clumsyness or weakness of male partner.
"Shit I didn't mean for it to Become Cronk Drops"
by Professor Wow December 08, 2006
Cronk Dangling is a simple act where A male who is together with a woman who is on her period engages in anal Intercourse with her. When Finished up the male participant will anal cream pie the female and then Dangle her by here ankles off of a Bridge or Cliff. Taking care not to drop her, otherwise this turns the act into cronk drops.

Note: During the dangling part of this ritual the female should not be wearing any panties.
"Damn Ho' is on, I may just take her Cronk Dangling."
by Professor Wow December 08, 2006
When one uses the art of kettling is certainly a rewarding task. It is performed by following these simple easy to understand instructions.

1. A Male recieves Fellatio (blow job) and he Ejaculates into the females mouth but an Important thing to do here is to make sure that the Participant of this Kettling session DOES NOT spit OR swallow.

2.The male should then LIGHTLY lube up his penis so there is a good amount of friction.

3.Take the participating Kettlee and ram (from behind) penis as hard and as far up the anus as possible.

4.With the semen still in the Kettlee's mouth, The force of the sudden and abrupt penetration should shoot out from the mouth which should be funnel shaped at this point in time, making a whistling/moaning sound which is very remeniscent of a kettle about to boil.
Man my band mates sound like A freshly kettled woman.

Cindy is a dirty Ho, She's probably love to join in the Art of Kettling with me.
by Professor Wow December 08, 2006